CardlockTM network news

New Esso cardlock and travel centre locations

Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel now available at the Cabano, Deschambault, Drummondville and Ste-Hélène-de-Bagot Cardlocks in Quebec.

Esso cardlock network status

All our cardlocks and travel centres are open
Restaurants permanently closed at Medicine Hat, AB and Blue River, BC cardlocks

COVID-19 update

Although progress is being made in tackling the pandemic, COVID-19 remains a serious health threat, with the risk varying between and within communities. Jurisdictions across Canada have measures in place that may affect the trucking industry, and drivers are encouraged to consult local public health authorities to understand the requirements for the jurisdictions in which they travel. Here is a listing of Provincial and territorial resources for COVID-19.

Besides wearing a mask, frequent handwashing and physical distancing are important steps in combatting the disease and its variants.

Since the availability of cardlock site amenities such as restaurants, showers and convenience stores may vary from region to region, drivers are encouraged to consult the web pages for individual locations, then phone ahead to confirm what services are open at their desired locations.

We appreciate all that the trucking industry is doing to keep Canadian communities moving, and we thank you for your business.

Drive safely and stay safe.

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